Tuesday, January 13, 2009

OMG! Who *doesn't* want this?!

When we were kids, what we wanted more than anything else was a lightsaber, and it was one of the few things that George Lucas wasn't licensing as an official Star Wars toy, so we had to make do with swinging flashlights at each other and making our own lightsaber noises.

By the time anyone actually made an official lightsaber toy, it was time for the Star Wars prequels, and we were ony really able to play with one when visiting friends with kids, or else we'd look like the worst kind of geeks.

But look at what you can get now! A new toy called the Force Trainer that lets you move a ping pong ball with your mind! As I understand it, the headset lets you control something in the clear plastic tower by means of some kind of simplified EEG. There must be some kind of fan that actually raises and lowers the ball, but you control the fan speed by controlling your brainwaves!

The toy is expected to cost $90 to $100, so I wouldn't expect the highest quality EEG, but just think about the implications of this! Imagine if we could train a whole generation of kids to sit down and shut the hell up while they tried to concentrate on moving a ping pong ball. Imagine what could happen when people start hacking and modding the thing and using their brain waves to do other things, like turning on the TV or turning off the lights! If you thought that the Wii was a big deal, wait until it's rendered obsolete by a new generation of thought-controlled video games!

The Force Trainer (via USA Today)

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