Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Computer Critters 2 / Transformers / My Two Dads / Madballs

'We're the computer generation!' Unfortunately, Raised in the 80s is not necessarily compatible with your special screens that are sensitive to your touch. The light pen might not work either. But feel free to use your mouse.

Special treat! A whole episode of our cartoon of the week. I wound up watching a lot of these original episodes after the fact, because when they first ran, I could never figure out what time Transformers came on. We saw a lot of the second generation Transformers, though. So sit back, cast your minds back to the days before it was a feature-length, live-action movie, and before it was 'Transformers Animated', back when it was just an animated series called 'Transformers'.

I'm not going to comment on how ridiculous the premises for sitcoms were in the 1980s. All I'm going to say is that judges seemed to have an inordinate amount of power back then!

That's another thing to capture our imagination in the 80s: gross things. My brother could be happily entertained for hours at a time drawing Madballs. Gross for one, gross for all!


  1. Hey, I used to watch "My Two Dads"! And that's saying something, because my folks didn't have a TV. I remember watching it at my grandparents' house.

  2. I can't say it was a favourite show, (even in a time when I had notoriously low standards and would watch anything) but I also remember watching a couple of episodes.
    The intro says that one dad was down to earth, while the other had his head in the clouds. Wasn't she also stringing along two teenaged boys with similarly contrasting personalities?