Tuesday, February 17, 2009

The Envelope Please... (Best Supporting Actor)

And here are your winners!

1980 Winner: Timothy Hutton as Conrad Jarrett in Ordinary People
1981 Winner:
John Gielgud as Hobson in Arthur
1982 Winner:
Louis Gossett, Jr. as Gunnery Sergeant Emil Foley in An Officer and a Gentleman
1983 Winner:
Jack Nicholson as Garrett Breedlove in Terms of Endearment
1984 Winner:
Haing S. Ngor as Dith Pran in The Killing Fields
1985 Winner:
Don Ameche as Arthur Selwyn in Cocoon
1986 Winner:
Michael Caine as Elliot in Hannah and Her Sisters
1987 Winner:
Sean Connery as Jim Malone in The Untouchables
1988 Winner:
Kevin Kline as Otto West in A Fish Called Wanda
1989 Winner:
Denzel Washington as Pvt. Trip in Glory

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