Thursday, February 12, 2009

867-5309 (You *know* that number, don't you?)

This just in, via Kickin' it Old School : 80s Hit 867-5309 Phone Number Sold on Ebay Auction

I'm not old enough to really remember 867-5309/Jenny when it was first a big hit, but I remember hearing it a lot on the radio while I was growing up.  The group responsible, Tommy Tutone, is generally considered a one-hit wonder, but what a hit it was!  The catchy little song about a girl's phone number scrawled on a bathroom wall spawned a frenzy of calls to Jenny at 867-5309 in almost every area code.  

And now, someone has just made a bundle on that number!  A guy in New Jersey who was the proud owner of 201-867-5309 tried to sell it on eBay, in the hopes of getting $40,000 for it, and being able to take a fancy Caribbean vacation.  Now, he can't legally sell the number itself (that's against the phone company's regulations) but he can sell his DJ business that the number is registered to.

The auction gained a lot of interest from the press, and just closed two days ago.  When all was said and done, he wound up getting $186,853.09 for it.  (Some clever bidder bid $1-867-53.09, and got outbid by $100!) You can see it for yourself here.

Shipping was free.


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