Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Wednesday Feature 1

This is the beginning of a Wednesday feature. In the middle of the week, when things are at their worst, look to 'Raised in the 80s' for a quick pick-me-up! Every week we'll take you down memory lane with two commercials, a cartoon theme song, and a live-action sitcom-type opening.

Really, the He-Man commercials were always the best. Look at the way those kids were getting into it, with their sneers and the voices that they did. And parents blamed D&D for warping their kids!

I remember most 80s sitcoms being pretty much like this one: Head of the Class. They weren't particularly good, or particularly funny, but there were only a couple of channels, and they were the only thing on. So you just shut up and watched them. While familiarity does breed contempt, it also breeds contentment, and shows like this were just a kind of 'comfort food.' For the next 30 minutes, you really didn't need to think!

Turbo Teen was living proof in the 80s that you didn't need to have a great plot, or a very strong premise to make a cartoon. All you needed were some secret government experiments, a 'ray,' and you're set! I don't remember much about the show, except I saw it once or twice on Friday nights, and it wasn't very well-received. The guy used to turn into a car when he got hot, and turn back into a person when he got cold. You can see the limitless plot potential there. Does anyone remember what he and his friends used to do? Did they solve mysteries, like every other teenagers?

Sad to say, I actually remember eating this. Candy in a bowl. You just don't see that kind of creativity in the cereal aisle anymore.

Thanks to RetroJunk for the inspiration!

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