Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Bonkers / Chipmunks / Perfect Strangers / Nintendo

Can you remember eating Bonkers candy? As I recall, they weren't all that different in texture from a Tootsie Roll, but they were fruit flavoured. We saw all these commercials, and assumed that we would have just as much fun eating Bonkers as these folks. I guess it's no more false advertising than the you'll-get-soaked-when-you-chew-our-gum commercials on now. The old woman was pretty annoying, though.

As far as I'm concerned, this is the *only* real manifestation of the 'Rodent Invasion'. Yes, I understand that the Chipmunks had their own life back in the 60s, but that would have to be someone else's blog. It seems like I saw this show every single day of my youth. I remember their first full-length movie. This latest film can't hold a candle. The only *real* chipmunks are cartoons, people!

Regularly, I lament the loss of 'Perfect Strangers.' There was never much of a plot; a lot of stupid slapstick comedy, but it's really nostalgic for me, and it makes me pine for it all the more to think that of all the crappy reruns of everything else they play on cable, they've never rerun Perfect Strangers. Apparently, the first two seasons are out on DVD now. When I can see them, you *know* I'll be doing the dance of joy!

Do you remember the thrill of opening your Nintendo for the first time? We had a SEGA, and it was pretty cool, but we always had the Nintendo-envy. Remember how those systems blew the old Ataris out of the water? But remember when the cartridges started to get a bit dusty and temperamental? Remember blowing down the edge, rather superstitiously, to clear away the dust? Did anyone ever actually *have* that robot that they advertised? What did he do? No one that I knew ever had such a robot. I almost convinced myself that he was just a figment of my imagination until I saw this commercial again.

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